Let’s face it–the Common App makes applying to college truly simple. Once you’ve uploaded your personal information and have your resume in place, it’s only a matter of minutes before your application to any individual school is complete. That is, until you come across a college that requires multiple supplemental essays. Suddenly, you are at a crossroads. Do you stand firm with the applications you’ve already submitted, or do you dig down deep and write a few more essays in the hopes of achieving your goals?

Many students are facing this very dilemma. It’s mid-November. And although there’s plenty of time before the January 1/January 15 Regular Decision deadlines are upon us, you may want nothing more than to put the college application process behind you. In the tug of war between finally being done with college applications and going the extra mile to apply to every school on your college list, which side wins?

That all depends upon your goals. If you’ve had your heart set on a college, follow your dream, even if it means doing some more original writing. The essays may not be as difficult to write as you might think. Schools with multiple supplements often ask for short, more creative responses. Take Tufts, for example. Tufts requires three supplemental essays. Two of the Tufts essays are 250 words max, and the other is 50-100 words. The shorter length often lends itself to more creative expression and even levity. In other words, you get the opportunity to show who you really are and what makes you tick. Consider adapting a portion of your “standard” supplement to answer one of the essay prompts.

If you are motivated but are having difficulty developing your concepts, College Essays That Work can help you get there.