How Do I Write a College Essay That Works?

A college essay that ‘works’ has two simple but essential components:

  • an idea that reveals who you are
  • the expression of that idea in a unique way that captivates the reader

Success College Counseling will help you understand the factors that admissions officers consider when evaluating application essays. Unique and compelling Common App and supplemental essays can help you distinguish yourself from other college applicants.


How Can I Best Position Myself for College?

In addition to helping you produce great essays, Success College Counseling offers strategic college planning services designed to target key phases of the college application process.  Strategic thinking is the key to positioning you for college success.  We will focus on the most important stages of your college journey.  Those include:  campus visits, essay writing, contacts with colleges, resumes and resume building, student and parent brag sheets, recommendation letters, and interviews.  Students who nail every component of the college application process are the students who will be poised to reach their admissions goals.

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Key To Success

How Will Success College Counseling Give Me the Upper Hand

Success College Counseling tries to stay ahead of the curve by staying current with what admissions officers are looking for in candidates during any given college application cycle.

Your personal essay matters

Common App and supplemental essays weigh heavily in the admissions process. A student with a high GPA, great test scores, and notable achievements needs to convey his or her accomplishments in a compelling and interesting fashion. Your essays are the most effective way to differentiate yourself from other applicants and may very well be the decisive factor in the admissions process.

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How I'll Help with Essay Writing

Through an interactive process of discussion, critique and re-writes, I will lead you from conception to final product. Your essay will both answer the question posed and remain within the specified word count. The end result will be a polished essay that reflects your individuality, talents and accomplishments. We will use phone, Skype and/or email as necessary and appropriate to allow me to get to know you better.

It’s Your Voice, Not Mine

    Admissions officers want to hear YOUR voice. I will help you enhance and refine your voice so that your personality and unique qualities shine through.