By now, you’ve probably been on one or more college interviews or have started preparing for them. The first rule of interviewing is to expect the unexpected. Interviewers vary widely in their approaches to and aptitude for interviewing. While there are many things you can do to get ready for these important encounters, there’s one step you should take above all else: practice Q & A’s in front of a mirror. That’s right–do not walk into any interview without having rehearsed likely questions OUT LOUD. Close your door, stand in front of a mirror and listen to how you sound. Observe how you look. If you find yourself stumbling over your words, then you are on the right track. Most people are not naturally gifted speakers. But merely practicing responses in your head will not get you to where you need to be. Every time you rehearse your answers out loud, on the other hand, you will hear how you sound to others. At first, you may make macro changes, meaning you may change your answers entirely or approach your responses from a different angle. As you continue to practice, you will make micro changes until, eventually, you will sound elegant and polished. Speaking well during an interview requires planning and practice. The more you put in, the better the result.