By now you may have heard about the Long Island teen, Kwasi Enin, who gained admission to all eight Ivy League colleges. While College Essays That Work did not assist Kwasi with his winning essay, an examination of that essay reveals why it was so successful.

First, Kwasi did not gloss over the details. Rather than stating how hard he worked on challenging musical pieces, he cited the particular complex works that he practiced repeatedly. He noted the “interdisciplinary” effect of music, crediting his participation in orchestras and ensembles for sparking his interests in other areas.

Second, Kwasi did not simply describe an experience he had during his junior or senior year. Instead, he traced his evolution from third grade through middle school and high school, reflecting on his life choices and giving the nod to his seventh grade teacher who influenced him.

Finally, he embedded a broader theme in the essay—the importance of decision-making junctures in our lives. Kwasi credited the guiding hand of a wise adult with his decision to challenge himself musically. In so doing, he showed that at a relatively young age, he had the maturity to consider a knowledgeable adult’s advice.

These are just a few reasons why Kwasi’s essay was a college essay that worked.