ED II, or Early Decision II, is a great option for students who were disappointed by their first-choice colleges but who are ready to commit to another school if accepted. A quick guide to navigating the ED II process follows.

What is ED II?

ED II allows students to seek admission to a college or university so long as they commit to attend that school in advance if accepted. Commitments are made by signing an Early Decision II agreement which, like the Early Decision I agreement, obligates the student to attend the institution if selected.

Which schools offer ED II?

Colleges and Universities offering ED II include Colgate, Vassar, Emory, NYU, Bucknell, Vanderbilt, and many other highly selective schools across the country.

How do I convert my Regular Decision application to ED II?

For colleges and universities offering the option of converting a Regular Decision application to ED II, the process is simple and generally entails notification to the school and submission of an Early Decision II Agreement.

What is the ED II Deadline?

The ED II deadline varies; many if not most have early to mid-January deadlines that align with the deadline for Regular Decision.

When will I hear back from the school?

The ED II decision varies by school but most will give you a decision by mid-February.

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Remember, the ED II decision is binding. All students are advised to visit the website of the particular college of interest for complete instructions and deadlines.