Although OU’s supplemental essays are technically optional, choosing not to submit responses will make you ineligible to receive leadership, major-based, or community service scholarships. That being said, submitting the following 2 or 3 essays is strongly encouraged.

  1. The University of Oklahoma believes strongly in educating leaders of communities in Oklahoma, as well as across the country and the world. Please share your leadership experiences and why they are important to you. (650 words or less)
  2. The University of Oklahoma is home to a vibrant, diverse, and compassionate University community that is often referred to as “the OU family.” Please describe your cultural and community service activities and why you chose to participate in them. (650 words or less)
  3. What is your career area of interest, and why do you have a desire to work in this particular field? (650 words or less)
    1. This prompt is only given to students who indicate preferences towards certain academic departments; if you don’t see the prompt in the Common App, you don’t need to submit an answer.