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6 02, 2016

Campus Tours and Information Sessions: Why “Speed Dating” Doesn’t Work

As you start thinking about visiting schools over your upcoming spring break, remember that the months of March and April are among the most popular times for campus tours and information sessions. If you are a sophomore or a junior, start getting some dates on your calendar before slots fill up.

Visiting schools is […]

30 01, 2016

Set Your Sights on Summer

With summer less than six months away, students are turning their attention to securing spots in summer programs and institutes. First-time applicants may be surprised to learn that some of the more sought-after programs require essays or personal statements. Here are some examples:

Applicants to the Fundamentals, Summer College Courses, and Summer Honors […]

22 12, 2015

Don’t Sweat It

Fortunately, some schools’ regular decision deadlines are well beyond January 1, which means that you can take a break and enjoy the holidays before returning to work on your applications.

Colleges and Universities with January 15 RD deadlines include:

Colgate (regular and ED II)
Emerson College
Fairfield University
George Mason
Gettysburg College
Loyola University
UMass Amherst
UNC-Chapel Hill
Virginia Tech
Wash U

Unique dates:

Georgetown-January 10
University […]

15 12, 2015

Can I Go ED II? Should I Go ED II?

ED II, or Early Decision II, is a great option for students who were disappointed by their first-choice colleges but who are ready to commit to another school if accepted. A quick guide to navigating the ED II process follows.

What is ED II?

ED II allows students to seek admission to a college […]

23 11, 2015

Save Some Room for Scholarship Essays

Just when your appetite for writing college essays has waned, Thanksgiving rolls around, and suddenly you are staring at four glorious days of food, football, and…..scholarship application deadlines. Needless to say, soaring tuition costs makes leaving money on the table neither wise nor practical. If you are applying to a school with […]

17 11, 2015

Are You Shying Away from Schools With Multiple Supplemental Essays?

Let’s face it–the Common App makes applying to college truly simple. Once you’ve uploaded your personal information and have your resume in place, it’s only a matter of minutes before your application to any individual school is complete. That is, until you come across a college that requires multiple supplemental essays. […]

11 11, 2015

Why a Mirror May Be Your Best Friend

By now, you’ve probably been on one or more college interviews or have started preparing for them. The first rule of interviewing is to expect the unexpected. Interviewers vary widely in their approaches to and aptitude for interviewing. While there are many things you can do to get ready for these […]

3 11, 2015

Just When You Thought You Were Done….The Common App’s Additional Information Section

One of the most common questions asked by College Essays That Work students surrounds the use of the Additional information Section on the Common App. Many students are anxious to provide greater detail about their activities, accomplishments, and academic interests, while other students cringe at the thought of composing yet another essay. […]

30 10, 2015

Avoid These Common Grammatical Errors

You’re putting the finishing touches on your common app essay and you hit a grammatical roadblock. Should you separate a series of three words with one comma or two? What’s the correct way to hyphenate the words fourteen-year-old? When should you use a colon, and when do you use a semi-colon? […]

11 09, 2015

Get the Upper Hand

In response to demand, hourly editing packages may now be purchased through College Essays That Work. If you want to get the upper hand on everything you write (not just your college essays), simply purchase the hourly rate and email or submit your document using the website’s submission form. Term papers, cover […]